Used Rockwell single prop aircraft

The Rockwell Commander 112 is an American single piston-engine monoplane designed and built by the US-manufacturer Rockwell (later Rockwell International) in the 1970s. The successor is a developed version built by Commander Aircraft as the Commander 114 series. Production period started in the 1990s.
The main difference between the 112 and 114 is the more powerful six-cylinder engine. In general, 1 pilot could transport 3 passengers and the maximum range is about 820 NM.
Rockwell Commander 114
Rockwell Commander 114€ 82,110
Year: 1977; TTAF: 2860h; Type: Single Prop; Location: Germany; IFR certified, IFR equipped; Serial No.: 14151; Reg. No.: D-EMHL; Last annual: 3/2019  EU tax paid
net price: € 69,000