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Piper M500 (new model Meridian) - rare offer - market dryPiper M500 (new model Meridian) - rare offer - market dry2016; TTAF 215h
United Kingdom
Robinson R-44 RavenRobinson R-44 Raven2004
€ 205,444
Cessna T182T Turbo SkylaneCessna T182T Turbo Skylane2011; TTAF 499h
Eurocopter EC225 LPEurocopter EC225 LP2010; TTAF 6401h
Airbus H130eAirbus H130e2017; TTAF 70h
€ 2,930,000
Cessna 182T SkylaneCessna 182T Skylane2001; TTAF 1867h
Agusta A109S GrandAgusta A109S Grand2009; TTAF 1185h
Eurocopter EC225 LPEurocopter EC225 LP2015; TTAF 73h